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    Since the establishment of the quality system, we always adhere to the "Best quality, Keep honosty and innovation, Win-win coopration ", and this slogan become the general principle of our operation and management. 

    Our commitment  to quality means we produce a consistent, standardised product, purpose-built for compatibility with todays’ top Original 

Equipment Manufacture specifications. 

   Paying much attention on understanding your requirements, we handle the production with strict managemrnt procedures and finish the 

corresponding report and test in a hign grade. The whole management system, from the order confirmed, design and development, procurement of material, environment and resources, production processes, product testing and improvement Effective was well operated.

1、Customer requirements understanding

Sales Department is responsible for organizing the investigation on the market, maintaining customer communication channels, collecting and understanding customer required products. We also provide he implementation of the program review of customer requirements,  the normal performance of the sales contract and the pre-sale, sale.

2、Clear Management responsibilities 

Our company has established a perfect quality management system and the organization file to clear the responsibilities of different departments. From sales department to the test department, and the whole team takes their responsibilities and cooperate with each other to ensure our products to meet customer requirements.

3、Design and development of new ideas

We have strong product design and development capabilities. With a professional group of technical and research, we also import the most advanced home and abroad production and testing equipment to improve our capability of serving different customers.

4、Control of purchasing

In order to meet customer expectations on the products, we strengthen the control ability on raw materials, all raw materials must be strict accordance with the provisions of the sales contract and procurement specification.Unqualified raw materials never be put into production.  Even after selecting the qualified suppliers, we still establish a more complete supply side files, regularly review on its quality, price, service.

5、Determine the production process

The company do a good controlling work on all the important aspects affecting the quality of the products. The production process like machine, material,  inspection and control, implementation of the production was well manage.

6、The improvement of the environment

In order to meet the customers' higher requirements, we build the standards established environmental management system  according to IS014001:2004 and approved by the China Quality Certification Center, obtain the certificate, which means environmentally friendly products was on our list.

7、The provision of resources

In order to continuously improve the quality of our products, we also regular or irregular provide training of quality and operation skills to our employees. We also invested much money on purchasing advanced production equipment and improving the working environment to ensure the quality of the product we guaranteed.

8、Inspection and improvement

The company has advanced testing equipment and a team of excellent professional technical staff to strengthen the inspection, process inspection and final inspection of products.  And through the analysis of raw material inspection, product inspection data statistics and customer satisfaction survey, we make the improvement plan to take corrective and preventive measures.